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General Information for Self-payers

Kladruby 22.4.2013

Thank You for Your interest of The Rehabilitation Centre Kladruby.

Who we are?

The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby (RCK) (Rehabilitační ústav Kladruby) near Vlašim, Czech Republic, has a long tradition in providing inpatient medical rehabilitation. The RCK provides medical rehabilitation/ treatment to patients after surgeries and after injuries and affections of movement and nervous systems. Similar to trends in the whole world to provide physiotherapy as soon as possible after the injury or affection, a Spinal rehabilitation unit was created on 1 July 2002 to ensure care for serious fresh spinal injuries. The RCK also admits clients with back pain resistant to outpatient treatment. The RCK belongs to the most important facilities in the country and works nationwide with a limited admission of clients from other countries. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby is a state allowance organization and is directly controlled organization by The Ministry of Health of The Czech Republic.

What are the indications for stay?

Patient should have stable vital signs at minimum 10 days before admission, his medical status doesn´t interfere with intense medical rehabilitation (5 - 6 active days, 3 hours of active medical rehabilitation daily). Patiend shoud have capacity to improvement of his functional status.
Indicated are patients with at least moderate problems or difficulties related with the states:
States after surgeries and injuries of movement and nervous systems
States after brain injury/ stroke with retained ability of independent verticalisation
Other disorders requiring intense inpatient medical rehabilitation:
Paraplegy and paraparesis
Tetraplegy and tetraparesis
Hemiplegy and hemiparesis
Affections of peripheral nerves
Affections and injuries of joints and bones
Limb Amputation
Back pain, scoliosis
Joint pain

What we offer?

The RCK includes a barrier-less complex interconnected with underground corridors for easy movement, locomotion, from one place to another in any season. Ward departments have comfortable equipment and offer double-bed rooms. Physiotherapy is provided six days a week in modern exercise rooms, gymnasiums, in water treatment rooms with partial or complete whirlpool baths, in pools with underwater jets and movable bottom. There is 25-meter pool for swimming. Further, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum-compression therapy, local thermotherapy (hot pacs, solux, paraffin), ultra-sound, laser, motor-assisted movement therapy for upper and lower limbs, for joints (shoulder, knee, hip and ankle joint, Robot-assisted walking therapy.... The ergotherapy occurs in attractively equipped workshops that ensure a safe environment for learning and training of practical skills and self-service, including work on computers and occupation in workshops too (work with wood, metal, ceramics and fabrics etc.). A continuous speech and swallowing therapy is ensured as well as psychologist's and social services and nursing.
The prosthetic department ensures necessary aids and other medical technology for the clients including walking sticks or special electrical wheel chairs, beds or lifting devices.
Those who need manual control when driving a car can exercise driving or or even learn it in a special course.
Clients can select from a rich offer of cultural and sports events or educational courses.
Our capacity is 260 beds - and for self-payers we have extra-limited capacity (approximately 10 - 20 beds).
We are contract partners of all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

What are the contraindications stay?

high body temperature
blood pressure above 160/100 Torr,
chronic hearth failure NYHA III, IV
chest pain in the last 72 hours, except of stabile angina pectoris or non-cardial etiology
serious arrytmias (only with reccommendation of cardiologist) deep vein thrombosis
psychiatric disorders preventing medical rehabilitation (for instance severe depression)

Contraindications to continue intens medical rehabilitation is : 1-3 months without minimaly improvement in activity or participation minimaly in one of next WHO-ICF domains - plato status in domain: (if in the domain was at minimum moderate problem in the admission): self care, mobility, learning and applying knowledge, general tasks and demands, communication.

Contraindications for the self-payers, traveling from far away (not for patients/clients with czech universal/ general health insurance): infectious diseases (including colonisation of multi-resistant microbial agents (MRSA, EBSL ...).
Skin problems - ulcers, pressure ulcers.
Severe bed immobility.

If you need to answer further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kladruby 22.4.2013

MUDr. Karel Moses
Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant
Rehabilitation Centre Kladruby/ Rehabilitační ústav Kladruby
257 62 Kladruby u Vlašimi
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 317 881 111
Cell : +420 602 388 257
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